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Ahmad is a distinguished bi-coastal Celebrity, Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle Photographer.  Based in Los Angeles and New York City, this East Coast native spent his years honing his craft, starting as young as Celebrity Fashion Photographer on the streets of Manhattan at the young age of 15. His father, a renowned photographer & artist himself, would teach him the ropes by bringing him along on his credentialed daily photo assignments like ‘Breaking News’ stories, Red Carpet events, Live Concerts, photoshoots, and weddings! 

      After a few years of training and acquiring knowledge from his father, Ahmad felt he was ready to take things into his own hands! First he started his own photography company at 18, which he named Sharpshooter Images, which focused on Celebrity Fashion and Red Carpet Events! After starting his own company, Ahmad used the connections he networked through his father in order to book his own gigs as well as get credentialed for Celebrity Red Carpet Events! After a few months of focus and hard work, Ahmad’s photography career took off, quite literally!


   With his work being picked up and published by Media outlets worldwide! Ahmad’s work started to get noticed and recognized by celebrity publicists who then started to contact him to work more closely with the their celeb clients on a much more personal level. His work has been published and highlighted in many different Tv, Print, and Online publications including People, Us Weekly, Time, Newsweek, New York Post, Washington Post, New York Times, Daily Mail Online, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra TV, Dateline, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Hello UK, OK Magazine, and many others! Other than being published in countless publications around the globe, in 2007, Ahmad’s cute picture of Brad Pitt with his kids was also voted People Magazine’s ‘Picture Of The Year’! 


   When Ahmad isn’t “behind the lens”, he’s exploring the great outdoors! A true man of nature at heart, he enjoys long frequent to Yosemite National Park and Mammoth where he enjoys trekking, skiing, fishing, and Even then, you can bet he is capturing the beauty of mother earth and all her wonders.

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